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Lightning fast and secure SDD website hosting, at an affordable price.

Here at Batchelo Hosting, we offer our premium servers to you at an affordable price. We use top of the line hardware and the latest technologies, as well as best security practices. All of our server's are outfitted with SDD hard drives configured into RAID 10, keeping your files safe while optomizing performace. Paired with the latest Xeon processors by Intel we are talking FAST website hosting. How fast? Fast enough that your browser can load this website in 0.264 seconds, over 99% of the websites out there are slower.

Along with your hosting plan, you will also have access to various tutorials and a helpful customer support, to get you started and help fix any issues that you may have. Setup is quick and easy and you'll be able to get started right away. With our secure FTP server you'll be able to access your website files anywhere you have internet access.


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